Halliwick Penguins SC

the first Halliwick swimming club for disabled people

Competitions - Eva Salisch

My friend introduced me to Halliwick Penguins Swimming Club in 1994, after I had undergone several major spinal operations. Swimming on my back was the only exercise I was allowed to do. My swimming ability was assessed and I was soon persuaded to be tested for the ‘Green Badge’.  We have four badges in all to measure a swimmer’s proficiency in the water : Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue (the most difficult!). I had no idea what this would lead on to!


Before I realised it, I was persuaded to swim in my first swimming gala.  I happily survived that, but I did not realise what that would mean. I am still swimming in nearly every gala!


In 1998, Phyl McMillan (co-founder of the club) asked me to assist her in planning and helping at galas and again, innocently, I agreed. Surprise, surprise, in 1999 she resigned from running these activities and I was left “holding the baby!” Since then, with the help of William, Janet and Jackie and a committee, I have been responsible for all the competitions the club gets involved in.  I do enjoy it really!


I also enjoy meeting and making friends with members from other clubs when we go to their galas and they come to ours, and it is great to see our members rising to the challenge, enjoying themselves and improving their swimming at the same time.


Here I am receiving my medal and trophy at the Pimlico Puffins SC Gala in October 2014!